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Clinic ShotDo you remember your family GP from twenty years ago? Your trusted family doctors who always had time to listen to your worries and concerns while addressing all your physical ailments. The family doctor knew all the children’s names and remembered that mole on your back looked different last year. You felt safe and understood and trips to the A&E were rare. We believe good family medicine here at this clinic with holistic natural options using a completely integrated approach.

We have been asking our patients what they want from us and holistic medicine in general and they have been happy to tell us what is important to them: Addressing the cause of illness as well as the symptoms; being informed about many treatment options; having a balanced approach that recognizes body and mind; an approach that encompasses the uniqueness of the individual; natural, safe alternatives; focused on the whole person; positive; minimal drugs with associated side effects but having access to pharmaceuticals when needed; being listened to in a respectful manner; looking at the big picture; friendly and professional; generating wellness with the help of the patient; offering the broadest perspective possible in a way that supports and educates.

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Do No Harm

We abide by the Hippocratic Oath of 'first do no harm' by offering natural solutions when possible and using pharmaceuticals when necessary. 


Increasing wellbeing decreases the need for supplements & pharmaceuticals; however, special attention is paid to recommending only the highest quality products.
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Results Focus

Having half hour appointments ensures that there is time to listen and understand the needs of the patient. 
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Ongoing education ensures that we provide an excellent service with up to date knowledge and the most effective solutions for our patients.

Our Doctors

Dr Simon Garlick

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

and Friday 8.30am-5pm



Dr Balwin Jassal

Friday 8.30am-5pm



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